Potty training: first two weeks

Ryker will be starting nursery in September so I think it's about time he learnt to go to the toilet on his own. He has also been showing signs by letting me know when his nappy is full, holding himself before he has his wee, and even bringing me a nappy and wipes. I've read lots of stories about how stressful potty training can be and I'm not the best at coping with stress so I knew this wasn't going to be easy for either of us. Here's a little summary of how the first two weeks went...

Busy busy busy

I haven't posted in 3 weeks! So much for me trying to post once a week! I have been super busy with exams coming up and I'm really struggling. Doesn't help that me and Ryker haven't been very well recently. It's hard enough when he's ill but both of us has been difficult. Here's what I've been up to whilst I haven't been blogging.

Dealing with tantrums

Ryker is at the age where he gets bored easily and wants to touch and do everything, basically he is having a lot of tantrums! When he first started having tantrums I was too embarrassed to go out on my own with him or i'll only go out for short amount of times. I remember his first tantrum in Asda, he was on the floor kicking his legs and screaming, EVERYONE was looking. I literally had no clue what to do. I tried everything and he just wouldn't stop, I got really flustered and just ended up putting my shopping back and leaving the store. It was awful!

Travel Bucket list

I studied Travel and tourism at college, during the two years I spent studying I built up a long list of places I want to visit. I've listed my top 28, putting them in to categories of continents. 

Our little boy

The title is our little boy but he isn't so little anymore, he is growing way too quickly! He influenced me to write this blog but I haven't even wrote a blog post about him! So I decided to tell you guys a little bit about him, enjoy (:

March summary

This year is flying by, how are we in the 4th month already?! Ryker has changed so much in this month alone. Here's a little recap of our month.

Activated charcoal review

Charcoal Face mask
 As you all know I tried out using activated charcoal for two weeks on my face and on my teeth and I finished the experiment last Tuesday! This post is a little late as I wanted to post it last week but i've been so busy! Here's my results...

Activated charcoal experiment

I've recently heard of activated charcoal and all the benefits that come with it. I've decided to buy a tub of activated charcoal tablets and try it out myself. Over the next two weeks I want to try 2 different activated charcoal experiments and document my progress to see if activated charcoal really is as good as everyone says.

Labour: Pool birth

This room is from the hospital I gave birth in. My room just had a different layout, although everything in the room was the same.

Before I gave birth I watched one born every minute, YouTube videos, and read a lot of articles on labour. I don't know why I done it because it made me even more nervous! I had no idea what to expect, everyone's labour is different! Reading all those labour stories inspired me to write my own. Enjoy.

True meaning of valentines day

People spend so much money on cards, presents, and dinner but that's not what valentines is about? It's not about how much is spent on the gift, its the thought that was put into it. Its showing the people you love, just how much they mean to you and if you're spending valentines on your own then it gives you the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Here's 5 ways to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you:

2017 Goals

I always give myself goals to complete for the new year, not that I ever stick to them. Now that I've wrote a blog post on them, I guess I'll need to try harder this year to complete them.

2016 Highlights

2016 was an emotional rollercoaster for me. I started the year as a single mum. Although it was tough I had plenty of support from family and friends. It was the best decision for Ryker, his dad, and me.(A co parenting post is yet to follow).


The first time I found out I was pregnant I had taken a test before I went to work and not noticed that it had a faint line. My mum phoned me whilst I was on the bus and told me the test had two lines. I automatically burst into tears and got very strange looks from other passengers...


Hey, for my first blog post I decided to start off by telling you guys abit about myself. I came up with 10 interesting facts about me. Enjoy(:

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