Activated charcoal experiment

I've recently heard of activated charcoal and all the benefits that come with it. I've decided to buy a tub of activated charcoal tablets and try it out myself. Over the next two weeks I want to try 2 different activated charcoal experiments and document my progress to see if activated charcoal really is as good as everyone says.

What is activated charcoal?
So activated charcoal is a carbon that is heated at high temperatures and then exposed to oxygen at high temperatures and you are left with a black powder.

How does it work?
It absorbs any poisons or toxins that it's in contact with. It's used as treatments for infections, food/alcohol poisoning, indigestion, tummy bugs, and even insect/Snake bites. Sounds too good to be true right? I want to see how well it works on my face and teeth...
.1) Teeth whitening: My teeth aren't the whitest, in fact far from it. I must admit I smoke, eat A LOT of junk food, and don't spend enough time brushing my teeth so they need some serious whitening! For the next two weeks i'm going to brush my teeth with activated charcoal every evening and document my progress to see if it actually does make my teeth whiter. I'll be keeping a photo diary so I can compare the results.

2) Activated charcoal face wash: I heard you can use PVA glue and activated charcoal to make a good face mask. I have tried it a couple of times and my skin is too sensitive for this and gets very irritated. Maybe my glue is just too strong? My face is always smoother and pores smaller after using this but its also very red and puffy. I've decided to try use it as a wash instead. Every day i'm going to either wash my face with water and charcoal or add a capsule to my own face wash. Either way i'm going to use it daily and document my results. I do have regular breakouts, my pores are pretty big, and I have too many blackheads! So i'm really hoping this works for me because I have tried EVERYTHING! 
At the end of the week i'm also going to use an activated charcoal clay mask.
99p from B&M store
In two weeks I'll upload a post of how I got on and if I noticed any significant changes to either my face or teeth, exciting! Have any of you tried activated charcoal before and did it work for you? Thank you for reading, Don't forget to follow or subscribe to my blog to stay updated on how its going. Also follow me on Twitter and Instagram!


  1. I've also heard about charcoal for face masks and when you have an upset stomach. I would like to try it myself.

  2. Good idea! I use charcoal to brush my teeth with before my toothpaste - it really does help!

  3. I have activated charcoal in my cabinet from when my husband had food poisoning. I never thought of putting it on my face or whitening my teeth. Would be interested to try the teeth whitening. Though I imagine you need to be really careful not to ingest it when using it on your teeth. Because the downside to activated charcoal is that it flushes the nutrients out of your body as well as the toxins. So you don't want to ingest it on a daily basis.

  4. I learned about using activated charcoal in some pre-med classes and in my EMT classes, but I never thought about using activated charcoal for teeth whitening or facial wash! It will be interesting to hear how this experiment turns out for you!

  5. Honestly I am up in the air about trying this. I have seen so many people doing this but I am just not sure if it's something I am willing to try just yet. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm very interested in trying this. :) thanks for sharing


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