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I haven't posted in 3 weeks! So much for me trying to post once a week! I have been super busy with exams coming up and I'm really struggling. Doesn't help that me and Ryker haven't been very well recently. It's hard enough when he's ill but both of us has been difficult. Here's what I've been up to whilst I haven't been blogging.

Me and Connor went Army v Navy rugby on the 29th April, it was really good. I love the atmosphere at rugby matches. Army won so Connor was happy. The photo above was taken during the game, ft Connor wearing his new Army v Navy top.

My first exam is on the 17th May, that's so soon! I would like to say I'm ready for it but no. That's just the first one, I have six in total. Every day I say I'll revise once Ryker goes to sleep but I'm always so tired that even if I do try I just can't take anything in. If I do it during the day Ryker gets jealous and lies on top of my work. Not helping. If I put pen and paper down it sometimes helps. He'll draw whilst I revise but he gets bored so easily. Until the end of June its going to be revision revision revision. After June I promise I'll start posting more and if anyone has any tips on working when you have a little one please share.

I got my first University offer too, just need to pass my exams and I'm in. No pressure... For those of you who don't know, I want to be a maths teacher but need to get all my qualifications first hence the Alevels and Uni. 

Connor is going away with work for two months from August! That's going to be difficult, it's hard enough just seeing him on weekends. I'll be doing more blogging to keep myself busy, time will soon fly by.

Me and Connor have decided to open a little market stall, don't know when we'll be ready but we've started planning and brought a few bits and pieces. We're going to be selling waffles and crepes which should be fun. Gives me something to do on the weekends  now that rugby season is over and I won't be working as much.

I did try to start potty training Ryker but it wasn't going so well. He refused to go anywhere near the potty and even tried hiding it. I've decided to try again in a couple weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.

I have been smoke free for a week! I stopped smoking when I was pregnant with Ryker but started up again when he was 6 months old and soon became hooked again. Although I didn't smoke around Ryker, knowing that it's on my clothes made me feel awful and I should have gave up a long time ago. It was so hard and I was a nightmare to be around whilst I was cutting down but it was all worth it. I will never touch another cigarette and I won't be too happy if Ryker ever does.

I know I have been a terrible blogger and after my exams I'm going to dedicate myself to this blog. I have so many post ideas but just can't seem to find the time to write them as I'm either sleeping or revising whenever I get my own time. Also Ryker turns 2 on the 25th of this month and I'll be doing a post on my mummy journey with some tips for first time mum's, make sure you check it out.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment. 

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