True meaning of valentines day

People spend so much money on cards, presents, and dinner but that's not what valentines is about? It's not about how much is spent on the gift, its the thought that was put into it. Its showing the people you love, just how much they mean to you and if you're spending valentines on your own then it gives you the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Here's 5 ways to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you:

1. Instead of buying a card, why not make one? You can make a personalised card online or make one at home. It'll mean a lot more to you loved one knowing that you put time and effort into their card and it's something they can keep forever. You can even make cards with your kids, for a fun activity for you to do together.

2. Write a poem or a personal letter. You can include this in a card or put it in a frame so that your loved one can hang it on their wall. Again a simple idea but it'll mean a lot.

3. Tokens/vouchers. You can make vouchers to give to your loved ones. It can be a massage, breakfast in bed, choice of activity, or even an hour extra tv time before bed (For the kids).

4. Cook a meal. If you have kids you could plan an easy meal that they could help make, kids love to feel involved and knowing they helped make the dinner will make them feel special. If you're single, you can have all your single friends round for dinner and a glass/glasses of wine.

5. Favorite places. Take them out to their favorite places; restaurants, arcades, or even go to the park? Planning a fun/romantic day for them will not only make them smile, it will show them how much you pay attention to them and appreciate them.

My Valentines day:
As my boyfriend is at work all week, we celebrated valentines on the weekend. We spent the weekend in Bournemouth. In the morning we went to Splashdown water park, this was more for Connor as I was terrified of the thought of going down a slide being dumped under water. However it wasn't as bad as I expected, I tried every ride available and after a while I got some courage and went down some of the more severe rides a few times. I would definitely recommend this as a date idea, all the slides have a severity level so if you are scared you can choose the easier slides. Next we went to an indoor crazy golf. Connor won!This was a really cute idea and the one we went to in Bournemouth had a lovely exotic theme with trees and fake rivers. In the evening we got creams and took it back to our room, I covered the bed in rose petals and got us a couple valentines crackers. All in all it was a perfect day. I'm spending today with my little boy. We are going to have lots of cuddles and probably end up watching Shrek on repeat (his favorite).

Thank you for reading, hopefully some of these ideas help and don't forget to let me know what you're up to this valentines day! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

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