Activated charcoal review

Charcoal Face mask
 As you all know I tried out using activated charcoal for two weeks on my face and on my teeth and I finished the experiment last Tuesday! This post is a little late as I wanted to post it last week but i've been so busy! Here's my results...

Charcoal with Face wash
On the first day I mixed the charcoal with my face wash and then for the next few days I used it on its own and washed it off after. I found that it worked best with the face wash as it was easier to wash off and without it the charcoal got stuck in my pores creating black heads, yuck! I noticed that the charcoal made my breakouts go a lot quicker. After using it for around 4 days my face became very dry so I decided to give it a day off. Day 7 I used my activated charcoal mask which was actually really good, my face looked a lot cleaner, even my mum tried it and had the same results! I carried on using the charcoal in my face wash for the next week. At the end of all this, I can't notice any significant difference in my face apart from it being dry which is weird because I've always had oily skin. I will continue using the clay mask once a week and will use the charcoal on breakouts as it did speed up the process and using it just on the area of the breakout will prevent my face getting dry.

I tried putting the activated charcoal straight on my teeth before going to bed and I also tried mixing the charcoal in with my tooth paste. I preferred using it with my toothpaste just because it feels like its on my teeth for longer as when I put it straight on my teeth it just ends up in between my teeth and doesn't really stay on the actual tooth. People have said they notice my teeth look a bit whiter although I haven't noticed this but that might just be because I see my teeth everyday.

In conclusion activated charcoal does work if you have minor breakouts and if you only use it every so often. I found that its too much hassle using it on my teeth, although if you don't mind putting in the time then its worth using it. This is just my opinion, everyone is different! For some people it might not make a difference and for other people it might work miracles. Try it for yourself and let me know how you get on. Tips: It is super messy so make sure you're wearing old/dark clothes and if you get the charcoal on anything, wash it off straight away. Also if you are applying the charcoal to your teeth dont worry if you swallow any, infact the charcoal is pretty good for you if swallowed.

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