March summary

This year is flying by, how are we in the 4th month already?! Ryker has changed so much in this month alone. Here's a little recap of our month.
On the 5th it was mine and Connors one year anniversary, we decided to have a cute day in as we always go out and wanted to do something we don't normally do. We played games, done some cooking and ate a lot of food. It was a lovely chilled day.

I go to Snakes and ladders quite a lot with Ryker and we went a few times this month. He loves it! As soon as we get through the gate he is off running around and i'm running after him. Lets just say I need a good lye down after going there.

Me and Connor decided to go watch Ireland v England Rugby at a local social club instead of at home. Its a lovely little place. We played darts whilst waiting for the rugby, Connor is much better than me at darts although I did get a lot better towards the end. Basically everyone there was Ireland supporters, and as you know England lost so it was a bit awkward...

Connor got us tickets to go watch the rugby at Harlequins! So instead of working behind the bar I got to actually go and watch the game. We also got all our drinks for free which was a bonus. It was a pretty good game although I got a bit tipsy... We then went for a lovely meal in a restaurant down the road. I thought that Twickenham stoop is a 20 minute walk from mine but it turns out its a lot longer and although it was sunny when we left, we had a very cold walk back (I forgot my oyster)...

Connor outside bullring 
Ryker sitting on his chair
Me, Ryker, and Connor had our first little family holiday. Well I say holiday, Connor got sent to Warwickshire for work and decided to bring me and Ryker along with him as he had his own hotel room.I was worried about the drive there and back because I didn't know how Ryker was going to behave but it actually went pretty good with just a couple moans towards the end of the journey.  It was a beautiful hotel that was surrounded by fields and up the road was a little farm. Ryker was so excited and loved the hotel room, he even claimed a chair near the telly. When Connor was working me and Ryker went for a walk to see the animals and found a park and nature reserve down the road. The weather was really nice for us too. We drove into Birmingham for a bit of shopping in the bullring shopping center. Birmingham is actually a really good place to shop, they have everything! The building looked pretty amazing too, really futuristic. Wish we stayed there longer but only had an hour before the shops closed and spent a lot of that trying to decide were to go first. I brought myself a pretty little choker from forever 21. I was a bit sad when we had to go back to London but the best bit is that Connor has to go back there every year.

I had my first Pizza Hut buffet! I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't what I thought it'll be, mainly because I cant eat big portions so only ended up having a couple slices of pizza. At least I can say i've been to a pizza hut buffet now.

I have been doing a lot of maths revision as my exams are coming up soon and I really want to pass them so I can go to University this year. My biggest problem is I find it so hard to take things in and have to go over the same thing a few times before it finally registers. I still haven't applied for University yet which needs to happen soon. I've wrote my personal statement and got my reference sorted, i'm just too nervous to send it incase i've done the application wrong or my personal statement isn't good enough. I think I need to stop being such a stress head and just send it, don't you?

Connor has taught Ryker how to shake hands and give high fives, its genuinely the cutest thing ever!

That's a little summary of my month. I'm going to be giving summaries at the end of every month from now on. Thanks for reading, follow me on  Twitter and Instagram!

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