Potty training: first two weeks

Ryker will be starting nursery in September so I think it's about time he learnt to go to the toilet on his own. He has also been showing signs by letting me know when his nappy is full, holding himself before he has his wee, and even bringing me a nappy and wipes. I've read lots of stories about how stressful potty training can be and I'm not the best at coping with stress so I knew this wasn't going to be easy for either of us. Here's a little summary of how the first two weeks went...

I introduced Ryker to the potty a couple months back(just before his second birthday) and showed him what it's used for by sitting him on it and using his toys for demonstrations. He moaned whenever I sat him on it and even hid his potty whenever I wasn't looking. I thought maybe if I made it look nicer, he might like it more. We stuck some colorful stickers around the potty, I let Ryker pick the stickers and where to put them just so it feels like his own. When we finished he was so happy, showing it off but then he started hiding it again. I decided he wasn't ready for potty training and as I was busy revising I wasn't ready either as you need to have plenty of time on your hands for potty training. I left the potty out where he can see it so he gets used to it being there and eventually he stopped hiding it and even started sitting his toys on it himself.

A couple weeks ago I decided to try again. I took his trousers and nappy off so it's easier for him. The first time he started weeing on the floor, I picked him up and rushed to sit him on the potty. He managed to get some wee in the potty but was very upset whilst sitting on it. I gave him a high five and let him know that it's a good thing. The next time he started holding himself I walked him over to the potty, he sat on it himself but was abit moany. He seemed a lot more happier after this time and kept telling me to look whilst smiling. From then on when he needs a wee he rushes to the potty himself and then shows me what his done all proud of himself.

The first poo he done in the potty, he started to stand up before finishing (he ended up missing the potty). I think this worried him abit as the next few times he needed a poo he asked me to come potty with him. He now goes poo on his own but doesn't like anyone watching, he even covers his eyes.

He has had 3 accidents altogether these past two weeks. He had that first incident when I first introduced him,  he had another one whilst I was washing his potty, and then the time he got up too early whilst doing his poo. I'm so proud of his progress.

This week I'm going to try teach him wearing pants, I've read that it's better to introduce pants before they get used to the potty so that they know the order so I don't know how this is going to go down. He picked up using the potty without pants quicker than I thought, hoping pants will be the same but something tells me he won't respond as well to pants. I also want to try introduce him to wiping himself.

Ryker still wears nappies to bed and when we go out, as soon as we get home or he wakes up I take his nappy off.

Well that's the first two weeks and it's going a lot better than I expected, Ryker loves using his potty. I feel this is all down to leaving the potty on show for so long, I defiantly feel that helped. We've still got a lot more progress to make before he is using the toilet, I'll be posting regularly with updates. Feel free to leave any tips or questions and I'll love to hear any potty training stories you have. Thank you for reading. Don't forget to follow for updates.


  1. Congrats! You've made an amazing progress! When we potty trained my daughter, we removed her diaper and had her wear underwear instead. It absolutely helped a lot!

    Belle | www.OneAwesomeMomma.com

    1. Thank you! I wish I made Ryker wear pants from the start, he doesn't use the potty when he's wearing them. We'll get there eventually

  2. Thats so exciting! It sounds like he is doing a great job. My daughter is only 1 but when its time to potty train her I hope it goes smoothly.


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