2017 Goals

I always give myself goals to complete for the new year, not that I ever stick to them. Now that I've wrote a blog post on them, I guess I'll need to try harder this year to complete them.

Academic goals: As you may already know I am self studying Maths and have entered myself to sit my A level exams this summer. My goal is to do well in these exams and get myself into University this September.

Get fit: I really want to work on my body this year. I need to start going to the gym and eating healthy. My diet literally consist of chips, pizza, and snacks. This needs to change!

Ryker: -- Potty train Ryker. He is showing signs that he is ready to be potty trained, I just need to find the right moment to start training him.
           - I want to have a sort out of all the toys he doesn't need anymore and go for a big toy shop to replace them all.

Get organised: Recently I have become so unorganised which is making me a stresshead. I need to start prioritising everything and complete jobs straight away.

Blog: I want to make sure I'm doing regular blog posts, ideally once a week. By the end of the year I hopefully will have started vlogging too.

Table top sale: Abit of a weird one but Ive always wanted to take part in a table top sale, and I have so much stuff that I don't need anymore. Think it's about time to have a clear out, I even still have Rykers new born clothes!

pizza hut buffet: I've never been to a pizza hut buffet!

Travel: I want to move to Australia when i'm 25, but the problem is i've never been there! My dream was to go to Australia for 3 months when I turn 21(this year). However that was before I had Ryker, now I only have my weekends free if I want to travel anywhere. I definitely will go away for the weekend, somewhere in Europe? hmm...

Tattoos: I have a long list of tattoos that I want and have been wanting for a while now. My goal is to get at least 5 tattoos this year better start saving...

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