2016 Highlights

2016 was an emotional rollercoaster for me. I started the year as a single mum. Although it was tough I had plenty of support from family and friends. It was the best decision for Ryker, his dad, and me.(A co parenting post is yet to follow).

New relationship.
On new years, my best friend introduced me to a guy (Connor) who became my boyfriend in March! Connor is great with Ryker and has treated him like his own, Ryker even calls him dada. Connor is in the army so I only get to spend time with him on weekends and bank holidays but we make up for it with a lot of phone calls!

First steps.
Ryker started walking at 11 months(April). This was a very proud moment for me, my boy is growing up so fast!

Day trip to Paris with Connor.
My first ever plane journey, and I never knew you actually go through the clouds!! Although I enjoyed France, the journey was definitely a highlight. We didn't get to do too much in France.We saw the Eiffel tower (It took us ages to find it, which is crazy considering it is so big). We went to lovelock bridge to attach our padlock. We obviously had to have a french Mcdonalds, it works out a lot cheaper than our Mcdonalds and they have so much more variety. We also tried some french pastries, I have no idea what they were called or what was in it but they was yummy! I loved Paris and would definitely recommend going. If you are going for a day trip, its best to do a lot of planning so you can fit everything in. We definitely didn't plan this trip very well and had to run through Paris to get back to the airport in time.

I went straight back to work after having Ryker, but had to give up my job when me and his dad broke up. As Rykers dad has him on weekends, I decided to get a little part time job as bar staff. I love this job, it gives me a chance to just be me and be around company that are more my age.

My first tattoo is on my ankle, it says dreamer with the D as a half dream catcher. I got this because I've been told I daydream a lot and I always come up with big plans. My second is a paw print at the bottom of my neck, I got this one in memory of my childhood dog Jasper. I got 3 more tattoos in 2016, can you guess the theme? A Butterfly and bee on my thighs, and a moth on my right calf. Yes I love insects. I have plans to get a dragonfly on my other calf and maybe even a spider. I want to eventually get my legs covered in tattoos, just need to get some time on my hands.

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Race for life.
I took part in a race for life mud run in Poole. I have lost my Nan and Granddad, and my dog because of Cancer. So thought this was a good opportunity to raise money for the charity but at the same time take part in a fun muddy run. It was exhausting! I not physically fit which showed when I was dying at the start line but I powered on through. I went with one of my best friends and her friend, we all motivated each other and made it to the finish line together.

They were the main highlights of 2016. Hope you enjoyed reading this post, a 2017 goals post is coming next.. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

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