Our little boy

The title is our little boy but he isn't so little anymore, he is growing way too quickly! He influenced me to write this blog but I haven't even wrote a blog post about him! So I decided to tell you guys a little bit about him, enjoy (:
Firstly his name is Ryker. You're probably thinking that's different and wondering where I got that name from. I'm used to getting asked a lot of questions when I tell people his name. I wanted something different and looked up unique names and Ryker is one that stood out for me.

He is at that age now where he wants everything and wants to do everything and isn't too happy when he isn't aloud. He is very cheeky and can be a bit bossy, if he wants you to sit down he will tug on you and go pat where he wants you to sit. He loves kisses and will come over sometimes and randomly give me a kiss on the cheek and then go back to playing. He is very sociable, he will wave at everyone as we walk down the road and as we are walking away from a cashier he will say 'bubye' and blow kisses.

He loves going snakes and ladders, when I first took him there he cried because he didn't like the noise but now he runs off on his own and will go up to the other kids to hold their hands so they can help him climb. It's amazing seeing how much he has changed. He was a very shy baby and would cry even if someone looked at him, he didn't like anyone holding him and would reach straight back to me. I was worried he won't get out of that and no way did I think he will be this confident. I'm so proud of him!

He does like watching tv although I try limit his tv time so he doesn't get hooked like his mummy. There's certain programmes where we both have to dance to and if I'm not up there dancing with him then he will come grab my hand and pull me up to dance. He loves it so much and I've noticed him getting so much better at copying what they're doing on the tv. Well at copying anything really.

A new thing he has started doing is knocking on everything! As he does it he says na knock and then he waits for you to knock on something. He loves to run, I'll take him for a walk but we'll end up running the whole way. I don't know how he does it.

He is the fussiest eater! Literally the only things he likes eating at the moment is wheatabix, toast, noodles, and junk. Not good. I'm being stricter with his eating now as I used to let him get away with eating biscuits instead of a meal. I read online that you have to keep trying the same food over and over and eventually it'll pay off. I'll have to give that a try.

He talks so much but most of the time I cant understand what he is saying. He likes to say the postman pat at the end of his sentences. Forgot to mention, he loves postman pat. He changes so much so quickly. I can't keep up but I love the mummy journey.

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